Registering Your Product for Support Access

This product requires special registration in order to gain access to technical support through the web forums. The registration process is very easy! Simply follow these instructions...

(Note: If you already are a registered Licensed Member and forgot your login name, please click here.)

Locate your Proof of Purchase Certificate number. This is different than your regular order number:

On Download Versions:

Check in the C:\iFly Development Team folder. The file name would look something like Proof_of_Purchase_ifly.htm. This certificate number is also listed in the email receipt you should have gotten right after your purchase. Finally, if you lost both the above, simply use our automated customer service area to get your certificate emailed to you.

For Boxed Versions:

Check the product packaging or manual for a printed number. It will have 2 parts, with a dash in the middle (you do not need to enter the dash).

Important Notice For Upgrade Version Users!

If you used a discount coupon to upgrade versions of any product, then use the ORIGINAL version registration number that came with your purchase. For customers of a boxed product who used a coupon to upgrade, you still need to use the original number from your boxed product. In short, do not use your upgraded registration number if you purchased a previous version. Use the original one.

Forum Username
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Certificate ID
- Example: 2C8765-HG23A8H1

Please note that Certificate Numbers can only be used one time, meaning if you assign it to one username, you can't assign it to another afterwards. If you have any problems, please contact the Customer Service department.