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fs9.cfg - Good tips wanted

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Patrick Cramer View Drop Down
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    Posted: Sep-24-2010 at 8:30am
I know this is one old post and discussion for most forums but I read John talking about it in another topic so I decided to open this new one because it's not quite related to that subject. Anyway...

Originally posted by John Goodwin John Goodwin wrote:

(...) I can put sliders and edit the .cfg file of fs9 to such levels I had olny dreamed of. Now I get fantastic performance and have an aircraft that I just love to fly around in.... (...)

Well, what you got there? And what you mean with that "sliders"? Not only John but anyone who has some good tips there to improve things here. My FS9.cfg is still stock since I had to reinstall my FS so good tips are welcome!

Have a great weekend you all!

Patrick Cramer
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This should help you, reposted from Avsim.
It's a bit dated now but the advice still works
 Forum nameMS Flight Simulator Tips and Tricks
            Topic subjectHow to: Reduce blurries w/photographic sceneries (long
            356, How to: Reduce blurries w/photographic sceneries (long ....
            Posted by JimmiG, Wed Dec-31-69 11:00 PM
              KEYWORDS: blurry | blurries | photographic | photorealistic |
              Megascenery | VFR Scenery | FS9 | FS2004 | tweak | tweaks | Mesh |
              Photorealistic (or ” Photographic ”) sceneries are becoming more
              popular. Unfortunately, FS2004 is not very good at handling the
              large amount of textures that need to be loaded. This can result
              in ”blurries”, especially if you fly fast. I'm hoping that as more
              people discover photographic sceneries, Microsoft will become more
              aware of the problem and improve the situation for FS2006.
              For now, here are the settings and tweaks I have found to work
              well, after continious tweaking, experimenting and testing.
              The key is to make sure there's enough computing resources to load
              the textures quickly enough to avoid blurries. Features like AI
              traffic, weather and water detail take away resources that could
              otherwise be used for loading the scenery textures.
              What you need for photographic sceneries
              To fully enjoy photographic sceneries in high detail, you need, in
              my experience:
              AthlonXP 2600+ or Pentium IV 2.6 Ghz
              512MB RAM
              128MB videocard such as the Radeon 9500 Pro or faster.
              An ATA100 harddrive with a spindle rotation speed of 7200 RPM
              You might get away with a slower system if you turn down a few
              other settings, see the below suggestions for which settings
              affect blurries the most.
              The faster your system is, the better it will handle photographic
              sceneries. CPU speed, harddrive speed, videocard, and amount of
              RAM ar all important conisderations.

              Inside FS2004: The ”basic” stuff
              I have outlined the most important settings that I have found to
              have the biggest impact on blurries. Generally, anything that
              causes lower framerate (including addons, weather, detailed
              aircraft) will cause more blurries.
              Hardware tab (Display settings)
              Framerate: Unlimited
              Mipmap detail level: 4
              FS2004 seems to load textures on a ”per frame” basis, so the
              higher the framerate is, the better the quality of the scenery
              will be. Locking the framerate to a lower number will actually
              cause more blurries to appear. Generally, if framerate starts
              dropping below 30 FPS, the sim will have trouble keeping up and
              you will see blurry textures. If you manage to get over 60-70 FPS,
              blurries will virtually be non-existant.
              3D clouds/cloud detail (Display settings)
              It's OK to use 3D clouds if you keep the draw distance of the
              clouds fairly low (about 40 miles). You may also want to compress
              the clouds or use the FSW high performance replacements. If you
              get blurries, especially in heavy weather, consider reducing or
              turning off 3D clouds.
              AI Traffic
              AI Traffic can cause lower FPS. This depends on where you are
              flying. For example, over Megascenery Socal, there's a lot of AI
              traffic, so setting traffic to 100% will cause a hefty drop. Over
              the Real Germany and Switzerland Professional sceneries, the
              traffic isn't as dense, even with this slider set to the far
              rightt, so you might get away with a setting of 100%. I recommend
              a setting of 25% unless you absolutely need/want more AI traffic.
              If you won't need the AI traffic at all (just sightseeing),
              disable it alltogether.
              Extended Terrain Textures
              Enabling ETT loads detailed textures farther away from the
              aircraft. This impacts the performance of photographic sceneries
              in two ways:
              Longer loading time – the scenery can take several minutes to load
              when ETT are enabled.
              More blurries – ETT cause more blurries to appear in the scenery,
              especially when flying fast (over 200 kts.).
              If you can live with the longer loading time and have a fast
              system, or if you only fly slow aircraft, you can enable this
              option. If you get blurries or can't stand waiting up to 4 minutes
              for the scenery to load, disable it.
              If you disable it, you will see green, ugly textures in the
              distance. You can change the weather settings to create a Low
              Visibility Layer with 10-30 miles Visibility, and increase the max
              altitude of this layer to above the max altitude you plan on
              flying at. This should hide the ugly textures, and this visiblity
              setting is actually more realistic than Unlimited visibility in
              most cases. If you're using Real World weather or don't want to
              always change the visibility settings, there's an FS9.cfg tweak
              that can do this automatically for you. See further down.
              Dusk/Dawn blending
              Only affects flying at dusk/dawn and gives you nicer textures. If
              you have a fast system, you can enable this option. You might have
              to reduce some other options when flying at dusk/dawn (AI Traffic,
              3D clouds, Extended Terrain Textures) in order to eliminate
              Water Detail
              Setting this to High can cause more blurries to appear and causes
              ”micro stutters”. This is especially true in coastal regions
              (Megascenery, coastal regions of the England and Wales scenery).
              Inland, where there are only smaller lakes, using the High setting
              has a smaller impact. Setting this to Low will still give you
              ”shiny” water but not as detailed as the High setting. Usually,
              Low is good enough unless you're flying a floatplane and want to
              land on water.
              Few photographic sceneries use Autogen. Megascenery does, however
              you might prefer the appearance of the scenery without autogen.
              Try with and without and see what you prefer. Autogen has no
              noticable impact on blurries, at least not on my system.

              Display driver settings (ATI Radeon 9700 Pro)
              I have a Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB, and these are the settings I
              prefer for FS2004. If you have a faster videocard such as the 9800
              XT 256MB, you can probably use higher settings. If you have
              another brand videocard, such as the GeforceFX, this may not apply
              to your card, as each videocard reacts differently to some of
              these settings.
              Anti-Aliasing: 4x
              Anisotropic Filtering: 8X Performance mode.
              Texture Preference: Highest Quality
              Mipmap detail: Highest Quality
              Wait for vertical sync: Off
              TruForm: Off
              Turning Vsync off causes some ”tearing” in FS2004. It allows the
              videocard to render at full speed (without having to wait for the
              monitor to draw each frame), and causes slightly less blurries in
              some cases where the framerate is very high (60+ FPS). Enable it
              if the tearing effect bothers you.
              TruForm is rarely used and has no effect in FS2004, so just turn
              it off.
              FS9.cfg+misc tweaks:
              Many of the following tweaks apply when flying over generic
              scenery as well
              Load textures farther away to reduce blurries:
              Find these lines in FS9.cfg and change them to read:
              Load textures faster
              Find and edit:
              I use 400. You can try a higher or lower setting to see what gives
              the best performance on your system. The default setting is very
              conservative so don't be afraid to try high values. You'll likely
              get stuttering if you set it too high.
              Workaround for the Autogen performance bug:
              In FS9.cfg, find this line and edit it to read:
              Go into your FS9 folder, then the Autogen folder, and rename the
              Performance should improve, especially over densely populated
              regions. This can also affect blurries when flying near the ”edge”
              of a photorealistic scenery because the autogen is taking away
              resources that would otherwise be used for loading the textures.
              Improve the appearance of detailed Mesh:
              Find and edit this line in fs9.cfg (default for this is 19):
              This will allow FS2004 to draw detailed Mesh more accurately.
              Remove ”canyons” and other Mesh weirdness in photographic sceneries
              This is caused by the ”valleys” FS9 creates for rivers/streams.
              When you're using a photographic scenery, the actual stream lines
              are not drawn. The stream lines you see are actually part of the
              photo texture. The Microsoft stream lines and the actual
              photographic stream lines are rarely aligned because Microsoft
              uses very innacurate stream line data. This causes ”valleys” or
              canyons to appear in the scenery near rivers or streams.
              In your FS9 folder, find and open terrain.cfg. Near the top, you
              should see:
              //Stream Lines
              Under this are textures 1024 and 1025. At the bottom of each
              For textures 1024 and 1025 (stream lines), change it to read:
              You may want to set it back to -10 when you're not flying over
              photographic scenery.
              Hide the green textures when Extended Terrain Textures are
              You can do this by changing the visibility setting inside FS9, but
              when using Real Weather or Weather Themes, this is not always
              possible. In that case:
              In fs9.cfg, find and edit:
              You can try various settings to see what you prefer. Lower means
              scenery is cut off close to the viewer, higher means you'll see
              some of the green textures.
              Note: This setting is automatically reset to 96560 every time you
              click OK in the display settings in FS9. You will then need to
              re-edit FS9.cfg to put it back to your prefered setting.
              Compress the cloud textures
              First, make a backup of the entire FS9\Texture folder.
              You can find replacements from the FSW homepage. These are of
              lower resolution than default and provide excellent performance.
              If you want the highest resolution but still want to improve
              Use Image Tool
              and open the Cloud bitmaps (<fs9 folder>)\texture\. Click Image,
              Format and then select DXT3. Re-save the file.
              The cumulus01.bmp is the most resource hungry texture. You may
              also want to compress the cirrus*.bmp files and the other cumulus
              bmp file.
              If you have a Radeon videocard, the image quality should not be
              affected much. Geforce2, 3 and 4 cards have very poor quality when
              using compressed textures so this is not a good solution. I have
              not yet seen the texture compression on a GeforceFX card. Try it
              and see what it looks like. In some cases, compressing these
              textures can cause lockups. In that case, just restore the backups
              (you did make backups, didn't you?).
              Harddrive partitioning
              If you have two harddrives, keep FS2004 on one drive and install
              your detailed sceneries to another. If you have the excellent
              Partition Magic by Powerquest, use it to create a dedicated
              partition for your photographic sceneries. Make sure you put the
              sceneries on the faster of the harddrives (if you have one 5400
              RPM drive and one 7200 RPM, put the sceneries on the 7200 RPM
              drive). This will speed up file searches and some other general
              Windows tasks. Also, make sure to defragment both BEFORE and AFTER
              installing a photographic scenery. They contain thousands of
              texture files that easily get fragmented.
              Hopefully, this should allow you to enjoy photographic sceneries
              without blurries, or at least keep the blurries to a minimum.

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Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote flightwatch Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep-26-2010 at 5:22pm
The best thing that I ever did was to follow NickN's fs9 and computer tweaks.

If you do decide to use it though, make sure that you follow it to the "T."

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