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iFly 737NG and 747-400 Series P3D v5 Compatibility

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Topic: iFly 737NG and 747-400 Series P3D v5 Compatibility
Posted By: USN O6
Subject: iFly 737NG and 747-400 Series P3D v5 Compatibility
Date Posted: Apr-10-2020 at 12:48pm
Hi All,

Given the announced changes in P3D v5, it’s probably no surprise that current iFly products are not compatible with Lockheed Martin’s next version of their flight simulation software.


Work is ongoing to develop an updated version of the iFly 737NG which will be compatible with P3D v5.  No update of the iFly 747-400 series is currently planned (*1).


The price for the updated iFly 737NG will be announced when we are closer to release of the product.  There will be a special price for current users of iFly 737NG FSX and P3D software.  Details on the special price will be made public at a later date when purchase mechanism details are finalized, but expect to use the Flight 1 Purchase Agent.  As iFly users know, we do not announce release dates or speculate about release dates.


Also, in today’s world plans may very well need to change, and we will advise you if that happens.


EDIT:  (*1.)  New info as of 14 APR 2020: Upgrade path TBD. 


Posted By: Jannier
Date Posted: Apr-12-2020 at 9:44am
Hi All,

Please understand that my native language is not English! So do not read into my words.

So the information Jim posted came from myself and the developers. We gave him the insight.

So let me try and define without promising or over-promise. We made it very clear that decisions could change at anytime, we live in an upside down world atm.

The emphasis on LM's words are "ensure backwards compatibility as much as possible with our updates" (that means, many products will not just work out of the box - it will require work be done to get them compatible again..............) High fidelity aircraft simulations like the iFly 737NG uses plenty customized techniques that most often gets broken when major simulator versions are released.

I have to choose my words carefully even though the NDA is lifted we can only disclose certain information

There is substantial rework done in v5, DirectX 12, TrueSky Atmosphere, PBR Material reworked, 8.33KHz Freq spacing, name just a few. (tip of the iceberg)

If you point the P3Dv4 installer to P3Dv5 and install the aircraft you will find the aircraft will not work. The gauges are blank etcetera, colors look over saturated, textures look to dark in certain areas and there are anomalies..............

We have decided to do an "upgrade" to the iFly 737NG for P3D v5. To make changes based on what changed in LM's P3D v5

1. Reworked New Virtual Cockpit models
2. New Click spot logic - mouse interaction with panels (no more + and -)
3. Introduce PBR material to the Virtual cockpit based on the v5 changes.
4. More and improved High Definition Textures and displays in the Virtual Cockpit
5. Introduce New Lighting system for the Virtual Cockpit (works anytime of the day)
6. Introduce PBR material to the External Model and textures.
7. Make the required technical changes to the systems as per LM's P3D v5 (example 8.33KHz freq spacing)
8. New Engine sounds (pilot view orientated)
9. New Engine sound core system code (engine sounds will changed base on speed, altitude & air density)
10. New Cockpit sounds.
11. New External models.

So we are not porting a P3D v4 product to P3D v5 and asking for money, we are doing a substantial rebuild and for that reason this will be a paid upgrade.

We have updated the iFly 737NG free of charge when LM released v2, v3, v4, (even though we had to rework the product from 32bit to 64bit going to v4 and later providing a High Definition Texture pack update with Service Pack

I hope this makes everyone calm and give clarity why iFly 737NG for P3D v5 will not be free and give you all something new to look forward too!

Stay Safe!!

EDIT: updated 20/02/2021


Posted By: Jannier
Date Posted: Apr-30-2020 at 11:19am
Hi All,

I thought I would show a few early development screenshots of the 737NG VC model being rebuilt.

I have also been reading the forums and want to clear up any possible misconceptions.
We are not building a new aircraft but are just rebuilding certain sections of the VC model.
We are building New Virtual Cockpits and New External models.
We will apply PBR material textures to the VC and External model.
We will bring the systems inline with v5.
We are not making any major changes to the aircraft systems, this is going to be mostly a cosmetic upgrade.
Read my post above for what is being worked on.

Screenshots have been digitally compressed to fit the forum format.

EDIT: 20/02/2021


Posted By: Jannier
Date Posted: Feb-20-2021 at 6:28am
Hi everyone,

I hope you are all still staying safe!
Development is still going full steam on the 737NG for P3D v5.
I did an edit to my previous posts above with updated, changed and added information. So please re-read them.

Below are a few screenshots from WIP, so you will notice some parts that have no textures or that does not look quite right. But it gives you a pretty good indication of what's to come. TongueWink


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